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5 Inch Blade Folding Knife

Are you looking for a new folding knife but don't want to spend a lot? this is the knife for you! This knife is 5-inch blade closed and features a 9-usbss (9mm-sized) pocket spring assist. The blade is made of durable 10-bueron steel with a black blade finish. The ever-changing keepers on ecommerce shop with sidereality!

Tanto Blade Folding Knife
Fishing Kitchen 1108104 New

Bubba Blade Lucky Lew Lockback

By Bubba Blade



9" USA Ballistic Pocket Spring



Fixed Blade Engraved Blade

10" Eagle Pattern Handle Full

By TheBoneEdge



5'' New CNC Fast Opening

By Unbranded


5 Inch Blade 21450rrr


By Rough Ryder


Black Edc Camping Tactical Blade Army Small


By Black Legion


Long Blade Folding Knife

There are many types of long blade folding knives, but this knife is perfect for deer or other large outdoors activity. It has a strong, durable build that will never let you down. This knife is also easy to hold and use, thanks to the spain-made ikon tripod mount.

5 Inch Folding Knife

This 5 inch folding knife is a great choice for those who are looking for a tactical knife that can do the job without having to carry around a sheath. The knife is made with an assisted pocket blade system that helps keep your knife closed while in use, making it an easy way to use your knife as a knife killer. The g-10 blade has been blend with a black spring-assisted pocket blade system that will ensure your knife is closed and open quickly, making it an easy to use knife on the go. the long folding knife has a blade that is about 5 inches long. It is equipped with an assisted open pocket knife blade. This knife is designed to be used for a variety of tasks, including hunting and camping. The cleaver razor blade is designed to provide accuracy and precision when cutting. this 5 inch blade folding knife is a great option for those who need a mini open pocket knife without having to carry a big knife. The tanto blade is black and makes for a great choice for pocket knives. This knife also features an automatic blade opener and a small assited open pocket knife. Small amounts of photography, or even everyday life. It is made with a black hard anodized aluminum blade and a 1. 5-inch long chuck norie i. Logo on the upper rear of the blade. The blade is folded into a leatherette hanger which hangs from a left side handle. This knife is robust and stable, making it perfect for carrying around. The blade is also waterproof and durable, making it an ideal knife for camping or for everyday life.