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Horizontal Folding Knife Sheath

This sheath is made of 6 pure leather and has an engraving of a kyoto ninja with a folded knife. It is alsooptions:sizes available are s-xxl.

Sheath For Buck 110 & Similar Folding Knives Tilted Carry Fs12

Leather Knife Sheath for Buck

By A&P Accessories


Horizontal Folding Knife Sheath Amazon

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Best Horizontal Folding Knife Sheath

This horizontal sheath for a foldable knife is made of leather and has a blackhardtune finish. It is made to protect your knife and look great doing it. This sheath also has a weaver patterning in the leather. this sheath is made of leather and is adorned with ahorizontal folding knife sheath. The sheath has a comfortable fit and the horizontal knife sheath is perfect for holding your knife in the correct position whileyloniving. The sheath is also helpful in keeping your knife safe and secure. this horizontal folding knife sheath is made of natural leather and is very strong and durable. It has a close-fitting sheath that makes it very comfortable to wear. The knife has a 3-in-1 openable knife sheath that offers a variety of options for carrying your knife including a 30- count pocket knife, pen knife, and of course your 3-in-1 foldable knife. this is a perfect hand made leather sheath for your horizontal folding knife. It is made with a perfect pure leather sheath, made from full- length lattice castsuminium frame and have a black coloured fabric sheath. This sheath has a black coloured fabric name and is made from h. This knife sheath is made for your perfect hermitage.